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          Contact us

          Suzhou Runsheng Fuel Co., Ltd

          Tel: 0512-62895676

          Fax: 0512-65968956

          Contact: Mr. Wang

          Mobile: 13771921082

          E-mal: rsfuel@163.com


          Address: Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, 198 North Road, Hong Kong

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          Suzhou Runsheng Fuel Co., Ltd

          Located in Wuzhong District, Jiangsu Province, after more than 10 years of hard work, has formed a base in Suzhou and the surrounding area, Shanghai Songjiang District, Jiading District, Minhang District and other core industrial areas.

          The main products (diesel, gasoline, kerosene, heavy oil, lubricating oil, industrial gases) are sold all over the country, mainly engaged in Suzhou Diesel, Kunshan Diesel, Taicang diesel and boiler maintenance Clean up the diversification of development, with its cost advantages and quality and good reputation quickly access to market recognition. The company sells the Suzhou boiler oil, oil power generation in Suzhou, Kunshan 0 # diesel oil, Wujiang lubricants, diesel power plant in Taicang has been praised by the industry!

          Runsheng brand trustworthy

          Suzhou Runsheng Fuel Co., Ltd., has advanced oil production

          Main business: diesel, heavy oil, lubricants and other industrial oil

          Market business department of gasoline and diesel, asphalt, heavy diesel

          Integrity management to quality win

          Company market business strength

          Re-credit, keep the contract to ensure product quality

          Multi-species operating characteristics and the principle of small profits, won the trust of our customers

          Professional services team 24 hours

          Has a professional pre-sale service to facilitate customers

          24-hour distribution services to ensure the sustainability of oil.

          Adhere to customer-centric, Sinopec for the protection of quality

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